Water trickling down the rocks
In the heart of historic San Mateo County, a peaceful stretch of water winds its way across the landscape.

Cordilleras Creek, an often forgotten waterway, originates from the top of a wooded canyon in the scenic Pulgas Ridge Open Space District. To the east lies the bay, while the beautiful San Andreas Valley stretches west.

But for most of its length Cordilleras Creek trickles through a suburban landscape beginning from Brittain Heights on the western tip of San Carlos, along Edgewood Road and Eaton Avenue before finally heading under El Camino Real and Highway 101 on the edge of Redwood City. Here the creek empties at Smith Slough where the Bair Island National Wildlife Refuge is situated.

The Friends of Cordilleras Creek are a resource to focus attention and funds toward issues such as flooding, bank erosion, exotic weed invasions, clean water quality. We have received grants to produce events, publications and activities. We invite new members to join in.

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