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Newsletter from Friends of Cordilleras Creek
We work toward a healthy watershed
Getting ready for the rainy season. Who can help. News along the creek. What's happening !

The annual 'Coastal Cleanup' of creeks and beaches is set for Sat Sept 18 and on through the last two weeks of Sept. This is the universal day to clear all non-natural debris from the creeks, keeping trash from flowing into the bay with the first rains. San Carlos & Redwood City volunteers will be cleaning up the public areas at 20 El Camino near the AAA office. Meet at 9am. Residents along the creek are asked to clear out the creek on their property of anything that should not be there.

In order to create a 'baseline' to document the condition of the creek from upper watershed to the bay, creek side property owners are asked this year to photograph their banks, slopes and streambed. The idea is to do a pre-rain photo & then repeat when the creek flow is high. A subsequent photo after the rains will show the effects of erosion and fallen trees, etc. The first rains are sometimes celebrated as the 'first flush'. The past two years the creek has jumped its banks just below Old County Road and flooded the high school and businesses along Bing St. Meanwhile, upper watershed folks are having erosion and sedimentation problems. More about this will be on our new website in October.

Some attention is being given to Cordilleras this year as a 'bio assessment' is being done by STOPP at several sites over several seasons by gathering samples of the 'critters in the mud'. They reflect by their existence the health of the creek including its ability to support aquatic life. It's more complete than water testing & we will share reports.

We are having another creek side Home Tour !
We invite a watershed consultant, an arborist and an erosion expert to come along and give advice on the creek issue at each home as we caravan to each location. If you want your home to be a 'creek site' we will visit or simply want to attend, check our website for place, date in November and time.

Some resources and help for creek issues
Consultants on Erosion and slope failure - Steve Cochrane, San Francisco Estuary Project, 510 622 2465, '' also see Native plants to control erosion - Yerba Buena Nursery, Woodside and Go Native, Landscape Design - Native plant garden design, Stephanie Morris, 408 371 9376 & also Chris Todd 408 530 0122 Reporting Offenders -Dept of Fish and Game, 707 944 5597 Arborist-Safe and Beautiful, Linda Romero, 475 5400 Cool Websites (all www) & & & & & & & & & & &

More newsy stuff about our creek and watershed
Wildlife observed lately - A family of young Red Ringneck Snakes was found at the Redwood High School site while students were clearing a stand of Arunda cane. Also at the school a Ringtail Racoon was calmly sitting on the fence. In the apple orchard a young Mule Deer was grazing on the leaves and grasses. Frequently seen in noisy squabbles with crows are Sharp Shinned Hawks (a species of concern). Free young Valley Oaks, Tan Bark Oaks, Bay Laurels and Redwood saplings are available to creek residents for the asking. Call 594 1164 to adopt trees to be planted along the creek. Also, California native wildflowers (poppies, lupine, clarkia, bee plant, juncus, columbine, etc) are free to plant along creek.

A Watershed Exhibit in the kids' section of San Carlos library thru Sept is sponsored by FOCC and the Wild Bird Center of San Carlos.

A New Brochure on our creek was written and produced by the Watershed Project for us. We will have 250 free copies to give out.

Workshops (local and free)
-Water quality monitoring, Sun, 9/26, 11:30, Santa Cruz, Coastal Watershed Council, RSVP and info, 831 426 9200 -Native Plants for your garden, Sat, 9/25, 9:30-12:30, Katie Pilat, 926 9876x305 -Stabilization Techniques for erosion control in gullies and creeks, Fri. 9/24, 9:30-3:30, a demonstration at Native Sons Hall, 112 Old Stage Rd, Pescadera, RSVP, 879 3244

You are invited to form/join a task force with others on any of these issues: 1)Lower Watershed Flooding.. the FEMA flood zone maps for Redwood City and San Carlos have not been updated since 1982. The creek jumping its banks is becoming annual..2)Clean Water Teams for water quality monitoring by citizens at stations along the creek..3)Creek Bank Stabilization, learning how to use vegetation to minimize slope failure, 4)Tall Eucalyptus replacement with native trees & 5)Local Government Action to resist building close to the creek. Kid's Artwork - We would love to have some nature oriented art work from local children we can put on our flyers and newsletter.

A Demonstration Site for planting natives is at the creek side behind AAA office at 20 El Camino.We will be working at the site on Sat, 9/18 from 9am to 12pm..Some volunteers will be cleaning debris out of the creek and others will plant more small trees and shrubs and ground cover. Come and join us !!!!! Bring gloves and sturdy shoes.


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